FREELANCE VIDEO PRODUCTION: $50/Hour (Minimum of 3 hours per project)
This covers basically any and every type of video production except for the services mentioned below. Regular freelance videography is just like hiring a photographer. We're there to shoot and create whatever you need. This applies to things like banquets, parties, athletic games, concert filming, music videos, etc etc... 

VIDEO CONVERSION:$35/Hour (Minimum of 3 hours per job)
 All of the VHS tapes, Hi-8 tapes, and other formats of video that you have memories on - you can no longer find anything to play them on! And on top of that, the decomposition rate is much higher than a DVD disc or a straight computer file. Make sure your memories last for generations by having those important tapes switched over to a format that will be able to be watched again and again for generations. If you miss this opportunity, those tapes - and memories - will end up disappearing forever.

LEGAL VIDEO & VIDEO DEPOSITIONS:$80/Hour (Minimum of 3 hours per job)

We several have years of experience with legal video and understand what attorneys want from a videographer. Always properly dressed and timely, our videographers provide top notch legal services. We have a speedy turn around, we supply you with both a physical DVD for your file and a USB drive with the video so you can transfer it to your computer server. Our equipment has the capability to record up to 8 microphones simultaneously, and we always have a backup recording device in case of the worst!

WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHY​:$600 - $800 (Entire wedding day plus editing)

This includes a DVD video of the entire wedding ceremony along with a highlight video of the whole entire wedding day edited to the songs of your choice. The price can go up if you want to also video capture additional things like the rehearsal dinner, some type of letter-reading or pre-wedding gift exchange, etc...

We only produce professional, high quality, smart, effective videos. Regardless of the scale of the project we take each and every one serious. Whether you're needing a case-summary documentary created to play in trial for a multi-million dollar case or if you are just wanting a short interview for your business website, we provide the exact same amount of effort and quality into either job.

With our quality of production, our years of experience, and our reputation for creating videos that achieve the goals our client was searching for, and most importantly our hourly rate which is much lower than all of our competitors - there is no better choice than Denton Visual for your video project.

We have experience in Sports Filming & Highlight Editing, Legal Video & Depositions, Interviews, Event Capturing, Many Weddings, Concerts, Fashion Shows... and many other types of videos that would simply be redundant to list. You can rest confidently with us knowing we'll make you a quality profession at a fair price.